DIY Octagon Cutting Board

I am SO excited about today’s post because it involves a lot of my favorite things!! Woodworking…friends…octagons…and eventually food! Oh happy happy joy joy! One of my friends invited me to do some woodworking with her and her family a few weeks back. I was ecstatic to zest with her and learn some tips and tricks from her as well as her Dad, since after all he makes beautiful cabinets and does woodworking for a living. Little did I know she would be inviting me to a huge playground!! Check out the space I got to zest in…

homemade cutting board_0000homemade cutting board_0001

Heavenly, right?? When Becca’s dad said I could use a scrap piece of walnut my wheels immediately started turning- oh the possibilities! With so many project ideas running through my head- I was able to surface to one. I have always had a thing for darker woods.  I decided this gorgeous wood would be used as a cheese cutting board, after all cheese is a staple in my household. But not just any cutting board, an octagon of course!

homemade cutting board_0002

First we made a perfect square…..

homemade cutting board_0003

Now it’s time to do some measuring and math, the easiest ways to make an octagon can be found here. I will let them explain so I don’t confuse you! Hahah- may the force be with you my friend.

homemade cutting board_0004

Got your octagon? phew! Time to sand!!

homemade cutting board_0005

Looking gorgeous!!

homemade cutting board_0006

After a coat of olive oil to moisture that baby I was ready for action….

homemade cutting board_0007

I am in LOVE!

My new favorite piece in my kitchen for sure!