DIY Natural Aphid Spray

As you may know, if you follow our blog with any regularity, Sam and I have taken the plunge into organic gardening.  Obviously, as professional cooks, we adore the concept of farm to table.  It makes complete sense that food grown to maturity and in close proximity would deliver the best quality and flavor profile.

I have been in love with plants and gardening for years!  It is one of the MANY things Sam and I have in common.  Perhaps it is not common knowledge, but girl was a landscape architect at Cal Poly.  Yep, that means she is one of those fabulous nerds who knows the Latin names for most common plants.

Well, we have been trying to keep you abreast of all our shenanigans in the garden as we develop and grow our very first kitchen garden.  Our eggplant, tomatoes, green beans, and the like our growing beautifully.  The only exception has been our kale.   Both of us are rather die-hard fans of the dark leafy green.  We love the color, flavor and nutrients that it adds to so many of our dishes.  Imagine our surprise when we discovered that we were in for a defensive attack a la natural predators: APHIDS!  It is like a dirty word in the gardening community.  A nuisance for sure, but not a dire situation, either.

aphid repellant spray_0188

Enter three basic ingredients: dish soap, olive oil, and water.  Just make sure that your soap is a natural soap, as it’s properties are the BEST enemy to nasty little insects that want to devour your harvest!

Use 1 tablespoon of soap, 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 quart of water in a spray bottle.

aphid repellant spray_0189aphid repellant spray_0190

Give everything a mix and start spraying!  Time to rescue our kale!!

aphid repellant spray_0192

So happy to have stopped those blood-thirsty aphids from wrecking havoc on our kale.  I think it may be time to do some harvesting!  Smoothie, anyone?



Photo Credit to: Anya McInroy