DIY Modern Plant Stands

Thrifty Thursday

Here is a quickie little project that will give your patio or interiors a splash of modern cool.  I love that this is repurposing something that tends to be in abundance by the end of summer: tomato cages.  Whether you have old rusty cages, or brightly colored powder coated ones like these, the result is a collection of stands that gives you versatility of height and some sick lines!

standing metal pot holder_0001


tomato cages

metal shears

At first, it may seem more than a little daunting to cut through the metal of these cages.  It actually is pretty darn thick.  However, if you give it a bit of a push and pull while you are cutting, the metal will snap off quicker than you would think (thank goodness…phew).

standing metal pot holder_0000

To create varied heights, simply remove the vertical wires up to the bottom circle for a tall one, and up to the middle circle for a shorter stand.
standing metal pot holder_0002

Not rocket science, I know…but I love the playfulness of them.  I think I will be experimenting with this one even more.  They feel so clean and unobtrusive.

Ahhh, how lovely is the silence of growing things…