DIY Marble and Wood Cutting Board

It’s no secret that I love woodworking. There is something so deeply satisfying about taking simple boards and creating pieces of significance and staying power. Call it the romantic in me, but I love how beautifully crafted furniture can be passed down as precious treasures. Every night my little family eats around the same table on which my great-grandmother and then my mother served their home cooked meals. That is just beautiful poetry to me!
I’m not going to lie, I am totally one of those weirdos who geeks out over different types of woods and swoons over a baby smooth sanding job. It’s kind of ridiculous! The good news is that you do not need to be some woodworking connoisseur (notice I am being way more upbeat than saying “freak” lol). Nope, this project is literally about glueing and sanding. You could cut your own wood, but you could even have the hardware store do that for ya if you wanted! Simple, simple when it comes to this DIY marble and wood cutting board.

3 paint sticks
white Gorilla Glue (it’s strong and waterproof)
3 pack of carrara marble tile, 4″ X 12″ (you will have one extra)
4″X1″ pine board, cut to 12″ long
10″X1″ pine board, cut to 12″ long
chop-saw or saw (or option of having hardware store cut your wood)
disposable drop cloth or safe working surface for gluing
paper towels
a couple of bricks or heavy books for weighting down the board as it dries

First start by lining up your 10″ board and 4″ board sandwiched with your Carrara marble. You will notice that the wood is thicker than the marble, don’t worry about this yet. Just measure your three paint sticks to run across the bottom of your board. You will need to cut them to be roughly 16″ long.

Laying the three paint sticks across evenly in a parallel direction, give each paint stick a long line of Gorilla Glue. If Gorilla Glue is new to you, understand that it will expand to like four times it’s volume, so a little goes a long way! I chose this glue because it is completely waterproof, bonds to multiple surface types, and is incredibly strong…three important factors for a cutting board that you will be hand washing!
Now place your wood pieces and Carrara marble on top of your paint sticks, making sure to add Gorilla Glue at the seams.

The last piece of the puzzle is to do a squiggly line of Gorilla Glue on top of your Carrara marble, so that you can layer a second piece of Carrara marble on top. Now, your marble surface is roughly the same height of your boards!
Lay some paper towels on top of your creation and then add some heavily weighted material on top of your cutting board while it dries. Since the glue expands so much, you want something weighting it down so that the glue doesn’t push the boards apart. I like using a couple of bricks, but some heavy books will work, as well.

Once the board has cured for about two hours, you can take the weight off and remove the paper towels. You will notice areas where the glue foamed up and out of the seams. No worries! It can be sanded smooth easily. I like to pick some of the pieces off first, so that I do not sand too long (you don’t want to run the risk of scratching your beautiful marble with the sandpaper).

After letting it finish curing for 24 hours, the only prep that your board needs after washing it clean of sawdust is a good wipe down with a food safe oil. Heck, you can even use olive oil if that is what you have handy!

I love how the minimalistic clean lines play with the different textures. This DIY marble and wood cutting board makes a simple charcuterie spread look sexy!
Happy woodworking my friends!