DIY Leather Wine Charms

I don’t know what I get more excited about with hosting…the actual party or the “after” party. LOL. Let me explain….I love planning, cleaning, decorating and organizing… plus I love people- so of course it would make sense I love to host! But not gonna lie, sometimes when the last guest has left and you kick up your feet with a glass of vino and some leftover cookie dough, that is what I call a good night! ha! (Hence my love for the after party) Today we are going to make a DIY craft that is perfect for those of you whom love to host, wine charms! I think when people think of wine charms they think of random monopoly-like figures that seem like grandma’s charm bracelet. Not today my friends, today we make hip fun trendy leather charms that I know I would personally love to receive (hint hint, this is a great gift idea!)

leather wine charm supplies

Leather scraps
Snaps Fastener & Snaps
Cork or something to wrap
Wire cutters/pliers

cut leather into strips

First cut your leather to be smaller skinny strips….

make snap on leather

Next find the male and female sides of the snaps and use the hand press to pierce into the leather and make a snap to close the leather loop.

create snap on leather

Grab some wire and wrap around the cork to make just the perfect size for your charm, then create a little hook and eye at the end for easy opening and closure.

bend wire around corkdiy leather wine charm

Slide your leather through the wire or snap it on- either way you are ready to host your par-tayyy!
(Be sure to remove these wine charms before washing your glasses so they will last longer!)

leather wine charm

Happy Hosting!