DIY Leather Wallet for Father’s Day

This time of year always throws me for a loop.  It’s not that I find it hard to show love to Sean with the kids for Father’s Day…it’s that his birthday is literally the week before!  Maybe two special occasions in a row wouldn’t make you batty, but my hubby just happens to also be difficult in the gift-giving department.  I have always considered myself to be thoughtful in the gifts I select for my friends and family, but too often Sean can look like a little boy who realizes that Santa did not pay attention to the secret wishes of his heart and he may very well be scarred for life!  Guys, that is not the expression that you want to see on your sweetheart’s face.  Ugh!

Well, with that little bit of background, it is not hard to imagine stress creeping in every June for me.  But, I am a pragmatic girl.  I like solutions!  So, I obviously make sure to pay close attention, (but not to his requests, because those are never serious…he tends to be a bit of a goofball who loves getting reactions, so you can imagine the level of absurdity that accompanies his verbal “wishlist”).  I pay attention to the things that bother him and the things that get him excited.  Oh, and I have a basic formula: for his birthday, he gets a store-bought gift and for Father’s Day, it’s DIY all the way!

fathers day wallet_0000

This year, I had noticed how down he was getting every time we had somewhere swanky to go.  So, for his birthday I surprised him with a gorgeous new suit.  Guys, I totally surprised him!  He was super touched.  It was something he never would have asked for, but it made him feel so loved because I had paid attention to his need.  Brownie points!!  For Father’s Day, my DIY project hovered around his love of leather (and his need for a new wallet).
fathers day wallet_0001

(back, front)

I felt like this gift was a bit of a gamble, but I desperately wanted to play with the leather scraps that we had picked up for cheap at Art From Scrap in Santa Barbara.  There were so many great swatches of texture and pattern, that I could not resist getting a little playful.  Believe it or not, that tweedy pattern you see in the mix is actually printed on leather!  So cool!

fathers day wallet_0002


leather scraps

leather punch

waxed cotton thread

craft needle


* Note: scroll to the bottom for a quickie little pattern you can print to make this project yourself!

fathers day wallet_0003

After lining up all my layers, I used the smallest punch on my leather hole puncher to make sewing holes in the leather.  To create the multilevel pockets for the front of the wallet, you can see that I sewed the tweedy scrap in the middle of one layer of what I would call the body piece of leather (aka one of the largest pieces).  After doing a running stitch along the bottom of the tweed to keep a card from falling out, I put all my layers together (front & back) and began stitching all the way around the perimeter of the wallet.

fathers day wallet_0004

I did a basic running stitch that I would double back on so that it was a continuous line up of thread.  Since it is made from 5 layers of leather, it is a slim but sturdy design for sure.

fathers day wallet_0005

I kinda love the simplicity of it!  It really became all about the texture of the leathers.  This is gonna be a unique gift!  I am so excited to show him…now I just have to keep him off the blog til Sunday. LOL

Happy crafting!



p.s. As promised!  Here is the rudimentary sketch-up that I made.  No giggling please…hahahaha!

wallet 1