DIY Leather Plant Hanger

Trendy Tuesday

House plants, succulents, cacti, and leather….need I say more?

Seriously, how trendy can it get, right?  Actually, I have always adored leather and crafting little trinkets and treasures with the stuff.  It is super easy to work with and pretty much always puts a smile on my face as a creative.  So, when it came time to pot some of the treasures that I brought back from our mini Palm Springs summer vacay (and no, there was no theft involved), I felt compelled to create something out of our constantly growing leather scrap pile.

hanging potted plant_0000


a cool pot

leather scraps

leather hole punch





hanging potted plant_0001

Cut two long strips of leather and then punch four holes where they cross.

hanging potted plant_0002

Using the twine, create a basic cross stitch to hold the pieces together.  Then tie off and cut the twine.

hanging potted plant_0003

The length of twine that you cut for the hanger depends on how long you want your plant to hang down.  At any rate, you want to cut four strands that are twice the length of the drop you want.  Take the four strands, fold them in half and then create a simple knot at the folded end.

hanging potted plant_0004

Now you have a knot with eight strands coming down.  If in tying off, you wound up with slightly uneven ends, just give them a little trim.

hanging potted plant_0005

Going back to the leather cross, punch two holes in all four ends of leather.  The last step is to simply thread one of your eight strands through each one of the eight holes in the leather.  I tied a basic double knot at each end to secure it from pulling back through.

hanging potted plant_0006

All that is left is to nestle a favorite pot like this McCoy in it’s new little leather nest.

hanging potted plant_0007hanging potted plant_0008

I love this easy breezy design!  I adore how it sets off one of my favorite pieces of pottery and some of the neat succulents and cacti from my Palm Springs trip this summer.  And kinda lovin’ the almost instant gratification of such a fast craft!

Happy summer!