DIY Kid Friendly Washable Placemats

Thrifty Thursday

I love being a mom of three.  It is a ton of adventure and meaning overflowing out of my cup!  However, it also means that there can be a ready amount of chaos overflowing out of my cup as well.  Sometimes, I can feel overwhelmed with household management while keeping up with activities, work and then there is always homework.  Phew, just typing this makes me want a nap!!

In reality, being a mom of three means finding a balance between the chaos and who I am.  I love good design, I love creativity and I need a space that is peaceful where I can unwind and just be.  That is me.  However, my house is usually raucous and in a general disarray.  I always remember a friend of mine telling me that a clean house tells the story that you know how to clean, but a house that looks lived in means you are living a full life full of love and laughter.  I hold that close to my heart in hopes that it rings true in my life, but I still want to fight the battle of total annihilation of a clean home.  I want a life that is full of love and laughter, but also a space that is peaceful and beautiful.  Can I not have my cake and eat it too??  Yes, I could take over one room at a time, but right now I am settling on the dining table.  It is one of the first things I see when I come home.  So, it is time to keep it free from the infamous piles of paperwork and schoolwork, spilled drinks, and scratch marks from pencils.  It is where we dine as a family, and it should be just that!  Not an office incognito.

For this Thrifty Thursday, I am sharing with you a super quick project that will have your dining space looking super cool while protecting your table from munchechees (what I call kiddos) if you have taken on the privilege of mama-hood.  This project is one of my small ways of having my cake and eating it too!!



linoleum (choose your design)



exacto blade


I loved this adorable wood grain linoleum.  It was so unexpected for a placemat and I love that it was designed for flooring.  You cannot get more durable than that!  Cute, unexpected and durable!  Mmmm that cake is tasting good!


I simply used the T-square to make sure my lines were straight and level.  Before you begin cutting, make sure there is nothing underneath the linoleum that you do not want sliced.  I just laid mine on the concrete floor of the garage.  A large piece of cardboard would do a great job of protecting the surface underneath, as well.  Just be ready to apply some pressure with that exacto blade because the linoleum is a bit thick and tough.


What is great about this project is that you can easily make a ton of placemats or just a few with ease.  I made enough for my family of five plus guests.  I love the backdrop they will make for any style of plate…they are such a great neutral.


These are great for both adult dining…..


….and even toddler dining, as I can easily clean them up with some antibacterial wipes without worrying about ruining the finish!


I call this “having my cake and eating it too”!


Happy crafting!  (and happy home!)