DIY Iron Pipe & Wood Shelf

Who’s frantically working on finishing their “to do” list around the house in preparation for family coming over for thanksgiving?? ME! I figured that the excuse that we just moved is slowly fading with each day and after living in our home for 5 months now I should probably take the pictures leaning on the wall and actually hang them. SOoo ya here we are! Time to make a place to store the good old DVD player and have the TV mounted above. So here is Billy and my stab at zestin’ up our home…

We found this great tutorial here to help sail our ship…

***UPDATE*** Since doing this project we have discovered this amazing company, Blackfriars Ironworks, that sells pipes that are already cut, cleaned and threaded! I will say that the galvanized pipes I originally used are smelly, sticky and hard to clean (after all they are meant for plumbing- not furniture). I would highly suggest grabbing some pipes from Blackfriars Ironworks to save time and headache, plus there are some very cool ready to build projects on their website too as well as different pipe color options- hello bronze pipes!!



  • three:  1/2″ x 16″  1/2″ black iron pipes
  • twelve: 1/2″ x 12″  1/2″ black iron pipes
  • three: 1/2″ x 8″  1/2″ black iron pipes
  • fifteen: 1/2″ flanges
  • six: 1/2″ threaded tees
  • three: 1/2″ threaded 90’s


three 1″x10″ boards (you can stain them)


1 box of 1 5/8″ counter sunk screws


1 can Rustoleum charcoal hammered spray paint


  • Some boards I did with vinegar and steel wool technique
  • other boards I used “ash” stain

First things first, here is where our TV started out, but it just wasn’t working with the placement of the couch so my dear papa came into town while Billy was gone on a fire and rewired the tv for a nearby wall….(see below)



Better wall placement for the TV- but not a better look. I kept searching for the perfect TV console and every one I found that I loved was wayyyyyy too pricy. SO I went on a mission to build one with Billy. After showing Billy an inspiration pic he made this his project and worked away…


Start with staining your lumber, either with stain or you can make your own by soaking steel wool in a bowl of white vinegar for 10 minutes and then just use the steel wool as your brush, painting on the vinegar. This will take a few coats but get that awesome greyed out look you desire.


All stained! Now before we dive into how to build the shelf checkout the backdrop for the TV Billy and I made….just a few staples guns into the wall and voila


We will be mounting the TV up and it will serve as a great “frame” that allows the size of our tv to change and not make us go crazy. Now onto the shelf!


Spray your flanges if they don’t match like mine. Just a simple Rustoleum spray paint will do, if there are a lot of oils on the piece simply clean with vinegar and then spray.


Got all your supplies??


Now time to scrub off all the stickers, this took us an entire hour! We learned our lesson, Ace Hardware packages their pipes in bags and Home Depot does these annoying stickers that you have to peel and then scrub the residue off- no fun. Hit up Ace!


Time to make the “bones” of your shelf. Remember you are making three of them!


I Love my new shelves and can’t wait to decorate them more! In fact Billy just made another set for this wall….


I love how the whole room is tied in now! Just wait until you see the wood wall we have been scheming up too 🙂

Thanks for checking out my find n fix it friday, hopefully this inspires some weekend warrior in ya and you can get your house projects done in time for Thanksgiving too!