DIY Industrial Copper Pipe Laundry Hamper

I am definitely one of those weirdos who loves to tinker with at least one project every weekend.  I would not exactly label myself as a “weekend warrior” who conquers huge “renos” in all her spare time, but I do like the bite-sized projects that make little statements around my home.  Do not get me wrong, sometimes there is a need for a major renovation of some sort that takes multiple weekends to conquer, but I prefer the bite-sized.  The smaller projects let me see something from beginning to end in a short while, and there is something so sweet about accomplishing something on a weekend, no? Well for me, it’s the “bees knees!”

This weekend’s project was a new hamper that I just had to share with y’all.  Tired of my old wicker hamper taking up some serious floor real-estate in my bedroom, I decided to play with some copper piping for a very sleek, industrial replacement.  So, I hit the sketchpad and then the hardware store to create this DIY Industrial Copper Pipe Laundry Hamper that tucks beautifully into any corner.  I love it when good design meets ordinary objects!


3/4″ M copper pipes, I bought 2 pipes at 10′ lengths (you can use 1/2″ pipe if you want a cost reduction and a daintier silhouette)

8 copper 3/4″ elbow joints

10 copper 3/4″ T joiners

pipe cutter

E6000 glue

measuring tape

laundry bag

Cut List:

5 lengths of 34″

8 lengths of 2″

4 lengths of 3 1/2″

2 lengths of 7 1/2″

4 lengths of 9″

Have you ever used a pipe cutter? If not, no sweat!  It is an incredibly inexpensive tool that you can pick up at any of your local hardware stores…and it is beyond easy to use!  You simply mark your spot on the pipe, line up the pipe cutter, twist the knob, rotate the pipe cutter, and then twist the knob some more.  You repeat this until the blade winds up cutting through the metal of the pipe.  It happens pretty darn quickly and is kind of a satisfying activity (if you are a nerd like me).

Note: I know that this project has a ton of little pieces to cut…it doesn’t take long, but working in some music, a good conversation, or some Netflix binging might make the task go a bit quicker 😉

Once you have five lengths cut to 34″, it is time to attach the joiners.  Start by applying E6000 glue to the inside of the T joiners before using them to cap each of your pipes.

Then create the “gate” design for the front and back.  I obviously could have made the front and back match, but I went with cost effectiveness by making the back just a double design…cuz it’s just the back!  Here is how all those little cuts above fit together with the T Joiners that you have already attached to the tops and bottoms of 34″ pipes.

The Front:

2″ + T Joiner + 3 1/2″ + T Joiner + 3 1/2″ +T Joiner + 2″

The Back:

2″ + T Joiner + 7 1/2″ + T Joiner + 2″

Once you have done that to both the top and bottom of your front and back (use your E6000 glue), then it is time to attach an elbow joiner to all 8 ends and connect your front and back with the 4 pieces of 9″ pipe.  Allow the glue to cure overnight.  I simply used the 90* degree angle created by the wall and floor meeting to keep the balanced upright shape of my hamper while it dried/cured.  Basically, I just pushed my creation up against the wall and let it cure in place, so that it didn’t go lopsided while it dried. No Dr. Suess looking hampers please. Hahaha 

It’s a pretty darn fancy hamper and I love it!  Kind of loving that there is zero wicker in sight!

Not to shabby for an afternoon’s project!  I think my favorite part is that I literally built it with my own two hands, nary a power tool in sight!

Have some fun with this design idea…I feel like it could be translated into all sorts of things.  You can easily play with pipe diameter too, if you want something daintier.  Get creating my friends!