DIY Industrial Copper Napkin Ring

Trendy Tuesday:

Have you jumped on the bandwagon yet?  Ya know, the obsession with copper accents in decor, jewelry, and just about everywhere else?  It is the coolest metallic accent to add anywhere!

We adore it’s warmth in color and it’s flirty hint at just the right shade of blush.  We love using it alone, or even mixing it with other metallics for a cool industrial vibe.

Since we are so enamored with this rosy hued metal, it is no wonder that Sam and I were giddy with delight when we happened upon the copper aisle at our local hardware store.  SO much potential!!!


Since the joiners (ummmm that is what I am committed to calling all these pieces, but do not quote me!  I am admittedly known for making names up, and almost always ready to call something a “what’s it” or a “thing-a-ma-jigee”) are a tad on the pricey side, you can grab a length of copper pipe in the store and have the clerk cut off a few 2″-3″ segments for you.  That route is quick and potentially less expensive.

But what to do with all this cool raw material now?  A napkin ring of course!!


Mix some gold in with the rosy copper and set the whole thing off with a gorgeous complimentary hue like this robin’s egg blue.


Or, go bold and sassy with a colorless palette that lets the copper take center stage!  The geometric stripes are a fun clean pattern that plays up the industrial copper pipe.


Next time you are in the hardware store, let your imagination take you on a stroll down the aisles.  You may find some new favorites!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton