DIY Hand Spa with Olive Oil & Essential Oils

Ok, today is not going to be about finding something on the side of the road, refurbishing it and giving it a new life.  Nope.  Not today.  Today is about fixing a personal problem.  The problem of “Man Hands.”  Yep, that’s me…that’s my problem apparently, or so my teenager tells me with a smirk, every time I hold his hand.   That’s right, I am blessed with an affectionate son who still doesn’t mind acknowledging my existence, especially if it gives him a chance to tease me.  And boy, does he know how to tease mama!

Apparently, this is what it has come down to folks.  With all the renovation of our new space (sanding concrete floors, painting, staining, hammer, drilling), I have officially kissed any remnant of femininity that was left in my hands goodbye!  Ha!  I actually had a friend admiring my calluses the other day, because she could feel the work that my hands represented.  I am good with that actually.  Yes, I never seem to maintain a decent manicure, let alone nails.  And yes, my calluses are multiplying like rabbits.  But, I am kind of enamored with the notion of my hands being so darn creative and hardworking.  From chopping and dicing in the kitchen, to woodworking and renovating, my hands are a huge part of who I am.  I respect my hands.  With that said, there are times that my hands need a freakin’ spa day!

essential oil hand wash_0000

In order to counteract the repeated hand washing in the kitchen, and the concrete and sawdust of renovating, I created this little recipe for bringing my hands back to life.  A little soak, and my hands will be soft and comforted in no time!  Light a candle, listen to some tunes, and make time to relax and pamper.

essential oil hand wash_0001


large bowl

small bowl

plastic gloves

hot water

3 tbls of olive oil

4 drops of geranium oil

4 drops of lavender oil

4 drops of frankincense oil

essential oil hand wash_0002

Start by filling a large bowl with hot water and setting it aside.

Then, in a small bowl, combine the olive oil with the geranium, lavender, and frankincense oils.  All three of these essential oils do an amazing job of moisturizing and healing dry, stressed skin.  The olive oil ain’t too shabby, either.  It quickly penetrates the skin and it’s ph balance is perfect, not too acidic or alkaline.  I am telling you, your hands are going to thank you!

essential oil hand wash_0003

The aroma is incredible!  Massage a generous amount of the oil into your hands.  Make sure to rub your cuticles and really coat every inch of your hands with the oils.

Now, gently pull on a pair of disposable rubber gloves and get ready to soak them in your bowl of hot water.  This is essentially THE BEST hot oil treatment that your hands have ever had!

essential oil hand wash_0005

Soak as long as you like…get comfortable…maybe take a 5 minute snooze if ya like.  Remember, this is a spa for your hands, and you are attached to your hands LOL

essential oil hand wash_0006

When activity begins calling again, and you can no longer chillax, take the gloves off and begin to wash them in the warm water.

essential oil hand wash_0008essential oil hand wash_0009

Yummmmmmmy…..I may not have combated my plight with “man hands,” but boy-oh-boy do they feel better.

I fully embrace my calluses and burn scares.  They are a major part of who I am….unabashedly so.  But, now they are rested and pampered and feel soooo much better!  Now, back to work I happily go 😉  I have furniture to make, a wedding to cook for, and baseboards that need installing…..and some sinks, and some lighting, and….oh boy, calluses here I come!