DIY Hair Pins

No matter if it’s the holiday season or dead in the middle of the year- it’s always trendy to have fabulous hair! (Say’s the daughter of a hairstylist- tee hee). SO with that why not add some fun accessories to your do? I know it’s easy to plop on a hat or head scarf when you are having a bad hair day- but today we are going to make a few fun hair pins that are an easy way to zest up your hair accessories. (and look like you too the extra time and thought- even though it’s SO easy!) These hair pins would make for some great gift or stocking stuffer ideas too! I literally just walked around the house grabbing items that I thought might be cute in my hair, here are some ideas I came up with…

Buttons, leather, old earrings, pins, nail polish jewels,etc.

All you will need are some scissors, hot glue and bobby pins

DIY hair clips_0000

I started to play with the leather, I love all things geometric so I began by cutting some fun shapes from the leather and gluing them to the bobby pins and layering….DIY hair clips_0001

Next I played with the buttons….DIY hair clips_0002

And then even the nail polish, I though red would really make a pop in my hair 🙂DIY hair clips_0003
DIY hair clips_0005
DIY hair clips_0007

Here is an old earring that I lost the pair too…DIY hair clips_0008

I simply bent the back down and broke it off and it was ready to glue to my pinsDIY hair clips_0009DIY hair clips_0011Ready to see the creations??
DIY hair clips_0013

Model time…

DIY hair clips_0014DIY hair clips_0015DIY hair clips_0016DIY hair clips_0017DIY hair clips_0018

And now to wrap up some gifts!!

DIY hair clips_0012

Hope you are feeling inspired!