DIY Free People Inspired Hangers

Hi zesty people! I, like many of you, have been obsessed with Free People for years. I love love love their clothes, but I also just love walking in to look at the latest decor! They always have fun streamers, dreamcatchers, lanterns, and pieces of drift wood hung up around their stores. One thing I always admire are their cute fabric hangers. So I decided to make my own 🙂  Yay for easy crafts!

All you need:

some cute fabric

double sided tape


ribbon or lace

some plastic hangers


First cut 1-2 inch strips of cloth. You will need 3-4 strips per hanger depending on the size of your fabric. My fabric was probably 3 feet long. Don’t worry about cutting in perfectly straight lines. It won’t matter later! The frays are part of the charm.


Use the double sided tape and tape one end of the cloth anywhere on the plastic hanger.


Wrap the cloth around the hanger until you can no longer see the plastic. Once one strip of fabric is used up, tape the end and start right where you left off with your next strip.


Tape the last end of fabric down.


Tie a cute bow or piece of lace on the hanger…And you’re all set. Woohoo now you have some cute hangers!!!


I’m loving these springy colors!


Happy day!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton