DIY Firewood Holder

Hiya, it’s Chanda here….I spent the weekend catering a lovely rehearsal dinner and wedding feast for one of our fav couples, Stephanie and Aaron.  Who could resist the kitschy appeal of breakfast for dinner!  Everything turned out so cute and delicious!  A ton of fun.  But, now it’s Monday….and the party is over.  So, it’s time to tidy up my home and face the music of mounting laundry piles!!  Oyyyyyyy!!!

However, during a quick lunch of salmon bisque, ceasar salad, and spicy samosas at Novo in San Luis Obispo, I did manage some down-time and relished in a cute story from my mom (aka babysitter and soccer mom when I am in absentia for a wedding).  Apparently, my middle son asked his grandma to do some crafting.  My mom admitted to laughing and saying, “Oh honey, I’m not your mom, I can’t look at a bunch of random things and just whip up something to create.”  Wow….to me that was an ultimate compliment.  Thank you, mom, for seeing my creativity and skill set….and yay, that my son appreciates it, too.

Well, riding on that high, I decided to do a bit of creative nesting in the midst of cleaning and laundry…ha after my gorgeous lunch!

I knew with the changing season and the temperatures dropping, I would need a firewood holder.  So, I hunted around the house (and garage) and found a wood crate that would be the perfect size.  However, it was in need of zesting!  Enter the ruler and painter’s tape:

DSC_2812DSC_2813DSC_2814DSC_2816DSC_2817DSC_2819I was loving my geographic design…but it was still missing the bulls-eye.  It needed something more to make it over-the-top adorable for my hearth.  The solution was  very simple.

DSC_2822With steel wool and vinegar, I was able to “wash” my entire crate for a fantastic finish!

DSC_2825What do you think??

DSC_2834DSC_2839DSC_2835Bring on the cold, cozy evenings of Autumn and Winter….pleeeeeassssse!!!