DIY Felt Doll

Minion Monday

I have seen so many adorable little converted Altoids containers.  The little tins are such a perfect size for so many applications, and they are so sturdy that it feels a crime to just throw them away.  There are a ton of pragmatic uses that you could dream up, but I decided to make something a little whimsical.  My daughter is really into anything tiny.  Fairy gardens are the fascination of the moment, but I figured with a little felt, I could create something equally tiny and adorable.
felt doll_0000

DIY Felt Doll Supplies

1 Altoid tin

felt in varying colors



tacky glue

ribbon and trim

needle and embroidery thread

hole punch (optional, for polka dots)
felt doll_0001Start by creating a little template for a doll with some paper, cut it out and then trace it onto felt.felt doll_0002felt doll_0003felt doll_0004felt doll_0005I decided to create a little leotard for my doll using white felt.  No naked girls!felt doll_0006felt doll_0007After cutting out the leotard, glue it into place.  This will be her everyday wear, later I will cut out a wardrobe that Evangeline can use to “dress” her doll.felt doll_0008Take the same approach for your dolls hair.  Create something on paper, cut it out and then trace it onto felt.felt doll_0009felt doll_0010felt doll_0011Ta-dah!  felt doll_0012I figured out where I wanted the eyes and mouth with Sharpie markers, but in the end, it looked way better to just use a few stitches with colored thread to embroider over the Sharpie marks.felt doll_0013Last step was to cut out little black shoes and glue them into place.felt doll_0016

felt doll_0017

Now for the box.  I simply used some wide ribbon to glue over the Altoid tin to hide the writing.  Simple but cute.felt doll_0000felt doll_0001felt doll_0002felt doll_0003Use a cut piece of felt to line the tin and hide the ribbon ends.felt doll_0004felt doll_0005One cute button seals the deal!felt doll_0006felt doll_0007The sky is the limit when it comes to this cute little doll’s wardrobe.  I think my favorite is the little polka dot navy dress.  I simply used a hole punch with the white felt and then glued the dots into place.  Easy and so cute!felt doll_0008felt doll_0009I love how nice and tidy this stores up inside the Altoids tin.  Simple to throw in my purse, or my daughters, for that matter!

The best was seeing Evangeline’s reaction!  She adores her new little playmate!

Happy crafting!