DIY Felt Ball Baby Mobile

This momma is in full nesting mode, making sure I can get as much done in the nursery before this little guy really shows me what tired means. I know, I know, I don’t need the nursery “done” before he comes, butttttt let’s face it- I am a blogger so picking up the power tools and glue gun is actually a stress release for me- I am LOVING getting inspired from items around the house, yard, or in this case garage sale’s to bring into little Ryker’s room. There are so many DIY projects that I could bite off for the nursery, but the crib mobile was one that excited me the most. I knew it would be simple but yet a little more mature and not your average Winnie the Pooh or little fishies floating. I wanted something that would be engaging for our little man but not toooo much. When I was out at a garage sale I discovered this huge tangled pile of felt balls for $5. I didn’t know what I would create, but I knew that untangling the mess would be SO worth it and man was it!!

Felt balls
Embroidery hoop
Drill & Bit
Pencil, sharpie & ruler

First I separated my embroidery hoop and only used one of the hoops, the one without the fixture. Then I took a piece of string and made a few dots on the string about 1″ apart with a red sharpie. This was my “flexible” ruler for then making dots 1″ apart on my embroidery hoop with a pencil.

These dots then told me where to drill my tiny holes.

Next I grabbed my ruler and measured out my string with felt. I needed to make 14 strands total (I have 14 holes to fill) and I started with my longest strand and then worked my way to my shortest strand, making each one a bit shorter until I got to the top. My longest strand was 23″ and my shortest strand was 5″ to give you a sense of pattern. I am in no way a perfectionist so I simply eye balled each strand up from the next to create the waterfall.

I tied a knot tightly at the end to secure the balls.

Next I threaded the top of the string through the hole and tied again to secure.

Time to do this again and again and again, but making sure I raise each set of four balls one ball higher to create the “waterfall” look I wanted!

Ahhh I am in LOVEE!! So excited to have this DIY touch for little guy to look up and marvel at.

Counting down the days!