Diy Fabric Peonies

Eeeks, eegads!  I’d forgotten what it was like when I was a bride and had to meet budget needs!  Obviously, it’s always the flowers that can do you in.  Whelp,  I may be oodles of years away from my wedding day, but here I am again with the planning for the New Years Gala at Colby Jack’s.  It is quickly approaching, and we want everything to be as lavish as possible.  Problemo, fresh flowers, even at cost they can EAT up a budget.  Solution?  I googled away!!!!

Man, was I delightedly surprised by all the clever ideas out there in cyber-craft-heaven.  Thanks to all the intelligent, design conscious brides out there, the web is full of creative ways to keep costs low while keeping style high.  From obvious choices like introducing succulents and moss, to utilizing buttons.  However, the winner for our centerpieces was Twigg Studio’s fabric peonies, so gorgeous!  And, I love that she made hers from thrift store shirts….the ultimate budget thriftiness.

Enter some yardage I found in my garage…that I probably picked up at a thrift store, too (since I almost never buy retail).  The most important thing is that your fabric is silky or gauzy.  Mine is polyester, but silk from an old shirt works perfectly, too (I’ve already made one from a butter yellow silk…gorgeous).

DSC_0952I cut about four different sizes of my gauzy fabric.  The best part about this project is that precision is not needed.  The edges don’t have to be smooth and you can get away with general sizes.  Just make a bunch….for one flower you will need 4 large petals, and then 3 of each proceeding size.  (Note: Obviously, the more petals you use, the more lush.  However, since I am crafting in bulk, I’ve done just 4 sizes).

Time for some candlelight!  This was a bit time consuming, as I’m making 22 of these beauties (with 13 petals each)…but there is something to be said about crafting by candlelight (uchem, til 2am 🙂 , this is seriously addictive).

DSC_0955Keep your petal 2 to 3 inches from the flame, or you will burn holes all over the fabric.  Let the heat gently melt the edges as you move your petal all the way around.  The result is a beautifully organic curl and movement to the fabric….tada! It’s now a petal…

DSC_0959Now, proceed onto all your petals of varying sizes.  Check out my pile!

DSC_0965Time to bust out a needle and thread.  Remember the “formula”: 4 X-large, 3 large, 3 medium, and 3 small.  Start by doing a large running stitch through the bottom edges of your X-large petals.

DSC_0968Now, place them in a circle and pull the thread a bit taut.

DSC_0970Grab the next 3 petals of smaller size and continue the same procedure…running stitch, then pull them taut while arranging them nicely.  Do this until you have all your petal in place.  After the last petal, pull taut and then stab your needle through the center and secure the whole thing with a couple of stitches before tying off.

Mes fleurs sont tres jolies!!

DSC_0973DSC_0974DSC_0977DSC_0972Oh-la-la!!  C’est magnifique!! 

These are some true beauties!  Whether for home decor, gifting, or for the budget conscious bride, these are s super fun and easy craft that brings amazing results.  Gorgeous peonies for next to nothing!  I literally spent $1.50 on some floral wire that I am going to attach, so that they will stay nicely in our arrangements.

Happy Zesting!