DIY Evergreen Christmas Candle

Are you still having fun decking the halls? I always do a solid day of decorating where I overhaul the entire house with little touches that my kids help pull out of the boxes. You know, the traditional Christmas lights, some tea towels for the kitchen, wall hangings, signs, jingle bells, red candles and such. After that day of makeover, I take a week or two to just revel in all the color and fun. Then I get an itch to start playing with some more ideas…in preparation for house guests and Christmas day. I love to play with fresh greens and this technique is such a pretty way to easily deck the halls with a little more detail this year.

fresh cedar
glass hurricane candle holders
red pillar candle

Start by neatly tying a piece of raffia or string around the glass pillar. Then start to trim your cedar into small branches of varying height. Slip it under the raffia and then begin to layer other cedar snippets into place. It looks best if some are longer than others, creating a more natural line.

As your layered cedar branches start to look balanced and pretty, you can wrap more raffia or string around the branches and pillar in multiple places to secure. I love how the brown raffia stands out against the green and gives it a fun striped structure.

Candlelight through cedar branches! That is what I call Hygge for Christmas!
Merriest of merries!