DIY Copper Wind Spinner

Seasonal Sunday

We have been having so much fun tinkering in the Zest garden.  I think laboring in the garden and watching food grow has got to be one of the most satisfying experiences.  I love this time of year!  We are going to have to give you an update on all we have done so far, it is really starting to shape up!  So much so, that we have now put a Zest green seating area out there…giving us a chance to sit back and admire all the change.

Now that a lot has been planted, we have been adding little touches that bring the whimsy into our garden.  This little project is so simple and fast, but it looks so beautiful as it dances in the wind and flickers the sunshine that it catches.  This design is pretty basic, I feel like you could make an assortment that would look like a ballet playing in the wind.  Ahhhh, so peaceful.  Perfect after getting our sweat on with shoveling, digging, planting and weeding!

wind chime_0000

DIY Copper Wind Spinner

1 copper sheet

wet erase marker

1 pair of tin snips (scissors for cutting metal)

1 nail & a hammer (for punching a hole)

thin wire for hanging

wind chime_0001

Using the wet erase marker, draw a straight line down one side of your craft copper sheeting.  I picked up this sheeting at my local Orchard Supply and Hardware (OSH).

wind chime_0002

Carefully, with a pair of tin snips, I cut an assortment of strands right up to my marked line.  Be careful!  The metal is sharp!

wind chime_0003

I didn’t go crazy with measurement.  I just eye-balled my cuts, trying to keep them pretty even.  Once you have cut strips the entire length of your metal, begin bending them into one direction.

wind chime_0004

As you move down the line, you will see that the entire piece wants to twist.  Let it!  That will make it an even better spinner!

wind chime_0005

My last step (though admittedly, I probably should have done this first) was to grab a nail and hammer it until I made a tiny hole to string through with some wire for hanging my spinner.

wind chime_0006wind chime_0007wind chime_0008wind chime_0009wind chime_0010

I love it!

 I cannot wait to see the beautiful greens that will develop as my copper gains a patina from being outside.  This baby can sure spin!  Cheers to crafting AND getting outside!