DIY Cinnamon Scented Pinecones

As you have probably noticed, Chanda and I love our essential oils. They are the perfect BFF to have in your back pocket for many health symptoms, cleaning, and in this case to just make your room smell amazing!! I always know it’s fall and creeping into christmas when I walk into the grocery store or Michaels crafts store and smell the sweet aroma of cinnamon pinecones. ah!! I am a sucker everyyyyy year!! But not this year, this year I will re-use my pinecones and give them a little freshen up with some essential oils. Save some bucks people!!



Ziploc bag

Cinnamon Essential Oils


Fill your ziploc bag with pine cones…

Next add three or four drops (or however much you want depending on your preference) to the bag and zip up….


I left mine for two weeks in the bag and let them really soak into those cones, now I am ready to decorate for Fall and soon Christmas!!


The best part is not only how they smell but also the fact that you can easily replenish the scent by throwing them back in a ziploc with a few more drops as the scent fades. Easy and sustainable!!