DIY Chocolate Magic Shell

Minion Monday

As I write this post late at night I can’t help but wish I were actually¬†eating this delicious treat right now- yummy!!! I know many of you had your kiddos start school today, what a better way to have a little first week of school treat than to make your own chocolate magic shell? Not only is it super easy but it makes for a fun little kitchen experiment that is not too messy either. Plus it really only requires two ingredients, double score!



Coconut oil

chocolate ice cream shell_0000

Simply chop up about 1 cup of chocolate and melt. Next add 3/4 cup melted coconut oil into your chocolate and stir.

chocolate ice cream shell_0001

Pour over ice cream and watch the magic happen!!

chocolate ice cream shell_0002

Yum! Cheers to summer night treats!