DIY Chalk Paint Refrigerator

This is an easy DIY that anyone can do because let’s face- the chances of you having a fridge in your home are pretty high- even if its a mini fridge!! Whether you have a college dorm or a spare fridge in your garage or a jam packed family fridge in your kitchen- we are going to zest it up!! The fridge in our zesty office had some rust spots that we were excited to hide, plus we thought having the fridge be done in chalk paint would make for a great opportunity to write notes, lists, or quotes!

– refrigerator
– black chalk paint
– paint roller
– sisal rope
– hot glue gun

before refrigerator
before refrigerator

First wipe down your fridge of any dust, grease, or dried food- you know all that good stuff that builds up! lol Next start by taking your foam roller and applying your first coat of chalk paint…then your second…and maybe a third if you find that it needs it! You can use a paint brush or foam brush for those hard to reach crevices.

painting refrigerator zesty assistants

Look at these happy zester’s at it! So thankful to have such great help with this timely project, but it’s so cute and worth it…just wait!

Next grab your sisal rope and begin at the base of the handle with your hot glue gun. Begin wrapping from the base and then work your way upwards making sure the rope is nice and tightly fitted.

wrap handle with twine refrigerator handle wrapped with twine

Once you are done wrapping and painting, time to grab some chalk and get to decorating!

chalk painted refrigerator

Sorry couldn’t resist, gotta love a good pun!