DIY Bridesmaid Gift Basket

Hi there Zesters!! Taylor here! I’m a part of the zesty team! It’s that time of year where it seems like everyone is getting engaged, YAAYYY!!! I recently got engaged in March and can’t explain how excited I am! I decided to create a gift basket to ask all my gal pals to be my bridesmaids! They are complete with bubble bath, a personalized glass, jewelry plate and of course, a cute handwritten card. I’m going to take you step by step in making this bridesmaid basket 🙂

First step is to grab all your supplies!!

Basket Supplies:
tissue paper
gold spray paint (optional)
personalized glass
jewelry plate
bubble bath
cute card


Bubble Bath Supplies:
1 cup of canola oil
1/2 cup of honey
1/2 cup of mild liquid hand or body soap
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
Lavender essential oil
mixing bowl
rubber spatula
container for bubble bath

Personalized Wine Glass Supplies:
Mason Jar or Wine Glass (The dollar tree had wine glasses, woo hoo!)
gold acrylic paint for glass

Jewelry Plate Supplies:
gold acrylic paint for glass
tea cup saucer plate (I got mine from a local thrift store!)
paint brush

I started by spray panting my basket gold! I got a variety of cute baskets from some local thrift stores! After all, I needed 10 baskets for my 10 bridesmaids!! Hahaha, I know I’m crazy!

Next I grabbed my supplies for the personalized jewelry plate! This was super simple and only took like 15 minutes! I traced the letter “V” for Vanessa (one of my bridesmaids and my sis!) on the plate with the gold sharpie. Then I went over it with gold acrylic paint for glass. I really wanted to add some extra color to the plate so I dipped Q-tips in the gold acrylic paint and made polka dots. Feel free to get creative and design the plate however you want!

For my junior bridesmaids, I made personalized mason jars but for all my other gal pals, I made wine glasses!

I simply dipped the Q-tips in the gold paint and made polka dots on the wine glass. I used the same gold acrylic paint from the plates for the wine glass because it’s made specifically for glass products. I wanted to make sure my cute polka dots would last!!

Note: I don’t recommend running it through the dishwasher but it should withstand a soft scrub with a sponge!

Next up: Bubble Bath!!

Add all of your Bubble Bath ingredients and mix them together. I used Lavender Castile Liquid Soap as the base because I love the smell of lavender and it’s made with 100% natural oils!

Only the best for my girls, haha! Once you have your DIY Bubble Bath mixture, add it to a mason jar! I labeled mine with the gold sharpie 🙂

Next I made a card using card stock and water colors! After it dried, I had Chanda write Vanessa’s name in a pretty, dainty font.

On the inside, I wrote a sweet note to my sister saying how special she is to me and how I would be honored to have her as my bridesmaid!
*cue the tears*

Now we gather all our finished products and assemble the Bridesmaid Gift Basket!

TA-DA!!! This cute little gift basket can be used for many occasions like birthdays, Mother’s Day, or even showers!
I can’t wait to shower my girls with love and give them all their baskets!