DIY: Bottle Vases

Hi Zesters! After seeing these wine/beer bottles gone flower vases riddled all over Pintrest, I finally decided to try it out! I was definitely a skeptic, but after a few tries, it really is as easy as advertised! And the best part is, most if not all the supplies you probably have at home!


  • Empty wine/ beer bottles
  • 100% Acetone (nail polish remover will work too!)
  • Yarn
  • Lighter
  • Big bowl full of ice water

*Make sure the bottle you are using is completely clean. For best results use a bottle with out a paper label.


Pour the acetone into a bowl, fill up to a little less than half way. Cut a long piece of yarn, submerge completely in the bowl of acetone and let soak for a few minutes.  Next, wrap the yarn around the base of the bottle’s neck (or where you want the bottle to be cut) and tie a knot.



Hold the bottle,  the neck facing away from you, and carefully light the soaked yarn on fire. I recommend having someone else be there to help you with this step because it  could potentially be dangerous. After lighting the yarn on fire, spin the bottle slowly in circles, making sure the flames are reaching all parts of the yarn. The yarn should be lit for about a minute to make sure the bottle is getting very hot.



When the flame is almost out, submerge the bottle immediately into the ice bath. Upon hitting the ice water, the neck of the bottle should gently pop off. And Voila!

I was so pleased to find that this DIY was such a success! The bottles that I had converted were definitely a little bit jagged on the top, so be careful! Friends recommended sanding the top of the glass if you want a smoother finish.


With my new creations, I wanted to immediately fill my new vases with water and flowers! My friend, Dani, filled her new glasses with soy candle wax and gifted them to her boyfriend and newly graduated roommates! She used their favorite beer bottles and 100% soy candle wax so after the candle completely burns, out they can use the bottle as a drinking glass or vase too!


xx Brittany