DIY Big Bubbles

Minion Monday

My happy memories of summer as a child are filled with lazing away hours in play with my sister in our backyard.  Time was always spent happily in hide-and-seek games, running through sprinklers, cartwheels on the lawn, slip-n-slide fun, and of course a million hours of bubble making and chalk painting.  I hate to call it an old fashioned childhood, but these days with all the monitors that beg for our kid’s attention, it seems that lazy hours outdoors filled with imagination are just that: old fashioned.  I think the things that bless me the most are the moments when I see my children truly indulging and enjoying in those “old fashioned” but NOT archaic childhood activities.  It kinda makes my heart sing!!

So, in order to prove that extinction is not eminent for childhood play, I figured why not make our own fantastic bubbles??  Add a little KoolAid action and we get the magic of color and scent to boot!!


Scented Bubbles

1/4 cup of cornstarch

1/4 cup of Dawn dish soap

1/2 tbls of baking powder

3 cups of water

2 single packs of Kool Aid or Hawaiin Punch

fun objects for blowing the bubbles


I love this project because it turns my kids into little pint-sized chefs!  Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.


Messy is part of the fun!


Obviously, you could just use food coloring here….but we loved the smell of the punch!



Using a plant stand from the 99C Store, we were able to make some fantastically huge bubbles!


I am giggling just looking back at these pictures!  Hahaha, embracing childhood over here at Zest, for sure!

Happy summer!