DIY Belt Bathroom Shelf

I am not sure if this is good news or bad news for you- but we are in the last week of July. You know what that means?? School is just around the corner! Although I don’t have kiddos yet I always love walking the aisles at Target and getting inspired to organize my house. Part of that means getting restock easy and accessible (as well as cute!). I recently just designed my guest bedroom so I figured it was time to get the guest bedroom bathroom snazzy right?


4 belts

Wood plank

Nails & hammer

Screws & Drill

My very simple before…

belt bathroom shelf_0011

Start by connecting your belts in pairs and making sure you have two equal lengths (you may need to add a hole to achieve this). Make two big loops with both belts.

belt bathroom shelf_0000

Next I measured the height of where I wanted my shelf to hang- marked with a pencil and then began to drill a hole through the belt to secure the loop.

belt bathroom shelf_0001belt bathroom shelf_0002belt bathroom shelf_0004

Once I had my belt loops secured to the wall I wanted to secure the bottom loop with a nail or screw as well so things wouldn’t shift.

belt bathroom shelf_0005

I slipped my wood in between the belts and was ready to organize!

belt bathroom shelf_0007

I found a few metal tins from the thrift store for a dollar and drilled these into the wall for wash cloths storage.

belt bathroom shelf_0008belt bathroom shelf_0009belt bathroom shelf_0010

SO cute!! Hope you are feeling more organized as we inch closer to “back to school” time.