DIY Aloe Vera Juice

What is meaningful to one person can shift in importance to others quite easily.  I know that our intention with Meaningful Mondays is to inspire and encourage you as you come alongside us and give us a “visit” by reading our blog and skimming our tutorials.  We honestly crave to be a little ray of sunshine on your day, bringing a bit of beauty and knowledge your way.  Sometimes it is as simple as an adorable font and a powerful statement that makes you stop and muse, but today I felt that sharing a way to feed your health was the poignant meaningfulness that I was after.

Seriously, think on how many individuals made New Year’s resolutions that reflected their desire to be more healthy.  Now, think about how many of those individuals (maybe including yourself) have already started waning in their resolutions now that it is February.  So, today, my Meaningful Monday is all about cheering you on to a better, healthier you (and me, for that matter!)

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Obviously, eating right and exercising (and getting some actual shut-eye) are crucial steps towards your health and wellbeing.  However, I love to take things a step further.  Many times that translates into using essential oils and making probiotic-rich foods.  My latest and greatest infatuation is with aloe vera.  Yes, I have been using this amazing plant since I was a wee little lass of 7 years old for my cuts, scraps, and burns…but it has only been recently that I have fallen in love with aloe as a juice!


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All those health benefits are easy to come by is you simply introduce some fresh aloe juice into your diet!  I bought these crazy huge spears at my local grocery store.  Start by simply slicing the sides to remove the prickles.

aloe cream_0003

Once you have done that, you will be able to see the unique interior of the aloe plant.  Use a vegetable peeler or paring knife to remove all of the green from the leaf….be CAREFUL!  It gets slippery and you don’t want to cut yourself.

aloe cream_0004aloe cream_0006

Now simply add about 4 one inch squares of aloe to a blender along with 3 cups of spring water.

aloe drinks_0001

Blend away until you have everything smooth.
aloe drinks_0003

Drinking straight up aloe juice is refreshing and barely tastes like anything more than water.  Go ahead and shake things up with a little fun and try a smoothie.  I simply dumped in a hefty portion of frozen berries!

aloe drinks_0004Now, that looks like some good medicine!
aloe drinks_0006

Drink a bit of aloe juice everyday and see what a difference it can make to your overall health.

Cheers to making meaningful choices for your life!