Dip Dyed Kid’s Clothes

I think I have shared with you before about how my thrifting obsession began. If not, here is a quick little run down. Imagine twenty nine years ago (GULP), a scrawny 12 year old girl volunteering hours for a local charity. The term “thrift store” had not even registered in her vocabulary, but she was ready to log her hours tidying up inventory and such. It was all so new! Rows and rows of weird, used clothing with a bit of a retirement home aroma wafting up from the aisles. Unbeknownst to her, while she sorted through the racks making sure things were organized accordingly, a true obsession was being born! By the time her first session was up, somehow she had managed to fill an entire grocery bag of finds to come home with her. Yep, that was me discovering the inner treasure-hunter and the thrill of the score! I not only looked forward to every volunteer session from then on out, but I became an avid thrifter in all areas of my life. Fashion? Check. Decor? Check. Kitchen gadgets? Check. Costumes? Check, check. I mean the list is unending! So, of course I have been teaching my kids the benefits and joys of thrifting, too!

A white Gap jean jacket from the thrift store

This particular score of a white Gap jean jacket is a perfect example. It was super sturdy and in great condition, but it was kinda blah for my daughter’s taste. Evangeline was not feelin’ the whole boring white jacket vibe. Since it was cotton, we decided to give it a current jolt of spunk by dip dying with indigo RIT dye. It is such an easy way to give new life to thrift store finds!

Holding the jacket by the collar and dipping it into the indigo RIT dyeUsing clothespins to hold the jacket in the RIT dye to create an ombre look
The ombre look beginning to show on the white jacket by pinning the bottom of the jacket for a longer time period in the RIT dye

Filling a plastic bucket with the RIT dye prepared according to package directions, I started by gathering the jacket by the collar and gently letting the body and arms rest into the dye up to the armpit height. Then pulling it up about 4 inches, I used clothespins on the edge of the bucket to hold the rest of the jacket in longer. After about 15 minutes, I pulled the jacket up about 4 more inches and then repined it to the edge of the bucket. After allowing the bottom edge to soak for another 15 minutes, it was time to pull the whole jacket out of the dye and give it a rinse before drip-drying. Ombre complete!

A white thrift store jean jacket dip dyed with indigo RIT dye

Evangeline was one happy thrifter! Not only was her jacket the perfect end-of-summer-weight, but it was styling in a way that reflected her own look.

DIY dip dyed Girl jacket
DIY dip dyed girl jacket
Back of a DIY dip dyed girl jacket
A girl in a DIY dip dyed jacket.

Golly! This string bean of a 10 year old is sure starting to remind me of that 12 year old taking home bags of treasures from the thrift store. Hahaha she has definitely gotten a jumpstart over her mama! What a cutie-patootie!
Cheers to all you thrifters and all you mamas!