Dark Nectar Roasters


We are always fans of people who are beating to their own drums and making it happen.  I am an even bigger fan when that “making it happen” involves some gorgeous, dark elixir.  Yep, living on the Central Coast of Cali kind of makes coffee drinking a mandatory art form.  I feel like there is a close parallel between our winemakers and our roasters.  Both are unpretentious, straightforward and truly an experience.  Such is the case with what the crew over at Dark Nectar Roasters in Templeton are pulling off quite well!  Actually, considering that they are being brewed and poured in almost every high end restaurant in San Luis Obispo County, you have probably already enjoyed cup o’ joe from these guys…without even knowing it!!


If you find yourself in Templeton, CA go ahead and drop in at this SERIOUSLY unpretentious coffee house.  The roasts are so good because it is literally all about the beans here.


Their creativity has extended to even pairing up with Barrel House Brewery for some Dark Nectar beer.  Ummmm, yes please!  I love it when local businesses get together to create.  It is always awesome when people intermix their passions because the result is often times a stroke of genius!


A couple of lattes easily created some happy girls for a little late afternoon pick me up.  Thanks Dark Nectar!!



Hope you get a chance to pop in!  It is seriously the best stop after some Paso Robles wine tasting.  Gosh I love where I live!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton