Crocheted Natural Wooden Teether

My babies are now 17, 14, and 11….a far cry from the world of diapers and midnight feeds.  Though I miss those sweet little baby snuggles and giggles, I really must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every season of mommy-hood.  It has been cool watching my three babes turn into some pretty neat human beings.

As a mama, I think we all fret and worry about making the right decisions for our little ones.  I don’t think that that worry ever goes away, regardless of their age.  However, when they are fresh and new to the world, and so tenderly vulnerable, the desire to protect them feels so darn poignant!  I remember making all their baby food from scratch, introducing them to new herbs and spices to open their baby palates, making sure they had the best nutrition and sleep for their growing little brains.  Now with all the plastic and chemical scares, I have been stoked to watch the growing trend towards natural baby toys.  There have been some alarming studies documenting the amount of plastic in our systems at any given time, so the thought of switching out simple little plastic baby teethers with ones made of wood is a no brainer in my book!

Though my little ones feel gargantuan now, I love that I have Sam’s little Ry-Ry to spoil and protect.  Auntie Panda is more than happy to craft some projects like this crocheted wooden teether to protect his little blank-slate-of-a-system.


wooden cabone ring

cotton yarn, worsted weight (any color)

crochet hook, size I

If you are used to crocheting, this project will whip up in a cinch!  If this is a new concept, especially crocheting over another element, then check out this quick and easy to follow video from Anoo Crochet!

What I like about crocheting the yarn over the wooden cabone, rather than just wrapping, is that it creates some awesome texture for those little sore baby gums to gnaw on!

Once you have crocheted over half of the ring, cut your yarn.  Now, pull the end of the yarn through the last loop until it forms a nice, tight knot.  Then, using a yarn needle, pull the loose end under several stitches to hide the tail.

Viola!  Project complete!

I like only crocheting over half of the ring, so that it creates a dual texture for the little one.  Perfect for those teething baby mouths, and easy to hold for little pudgy hands.  For a little extra teething relief, I like to add a few drops of lavender oil.  You can mix it with another food grade oil if you are worried about it being too strong, but it really does the trick.

It’s pretty cute to see how good little Ryker is getting at holding things and shoving them into his mouth.  Man o’ man, Sam better get ready for him.  Soon he will be crawling and picking up every tiny little piece of anything to put in his mouth.

Hahaha here comes the adventure!


Auntie Panda