Corn Husk Wreath for Thanksgiving

Thrifty Thursday

I love the projects that we do for Thrifty Thursday because they speak deep to my inner homesteader.  I would not classify myself as a cheapskate, but I have to admit that there is a certain rush when we make something out of nothing.  It may actually be an addiction for me.  It is just so much fun finding things that are primitive, tossed aside or overlooked and figuring out a second life for them.  It is a bit like solving a puzzle for me.

This project is a great example.  Sam and I had found this old lamp shade frame a while back, and we figured that it could easily transform itself into some sort of project.  So, we held onto it.  A new lampshade would be an obvious solution, but what about a wreath?  Why not?  I was looking for ways to spruce up the house before people arrived for Thanksgiving next week, so I decided to play up the autumn colors.  I personally do not like wreaths made of fake foliage or flowers…I always opt for the natural elements in design.  I had once seen the corn husks used for tamales turned into a wreath.  In my book, that was genius!

fall corn husk wreath_0000

You honestly cannot find a cheaper or simpler little project to give your home some curb appeal this season.

I really love how this one turned out, and for under $5!


1 package of corn husks (from grocery store)

wreath frame (store bought or found)


hot glue gun

fall corn husk wreath_0001

Soak the corn husks in warm water so that they will be more pliable and easier to work with.

fall corn husk wreath_0002

Give them a good pat to dry them while you wait for your hot glue gun to heat up.

Since I was not using a wreath frame, I had the added step of removing the extra bits of the lamp shade frame, so that it would not detract from the visual of the wreath when all was said and done.

fall corn husk wreath_0003

With the husks patted dry, wrap them around the frame and use the hot glue to secure them in place.

fall corn husk wreath_0004fall corn husk wreath_0005fall corn husk wreath_0006

One row complete!

“You are my sunshine!”

fall corn husk wreath_0007

Now working the second row, I layered this second layer in between the husks of the first layer.

fall corn husk wreath_0008

Wrap around and fold down to keep it neat.  Repeat the process with a third layer.

fall corn husk wreath_0010

Once the back is all secure, flip the wreath over and glue the fronts down so they do not flop.

fall corn husk wreath_0011

Three rows complete, my husk wreath looks less like a sun and more like a sunflower.  So cute!

fall corn husk wreath_0012

The last step is to lay it down in the sun while the husks continue to completely dry.  They will naturally curl up a bit, giving the wreath a beautiful texture.

fall corn husk wreath_0013

All dressed up and ready for Fall!

corn husk wreath_0001corn husk wreath_0000corn husk wreath_0002

I stinkin’ adore the subdued color and texture of this little thrifty creation!  You cannot beat a front door wreath that is high on charm for just a few bucks and a little bit of hot glue.  Love!

Happy crafting up a beautiful and delicious Thanksgiving!