Copper and Wood Branch Light

Find & Fix it Friday

I know I have said it before, I am a sucker for brining the outdoors in. So it will be no surprise when I tell you about my latest greatest project. While I was out on a walk I saw a HUGE branch that was covered with moss, I couldn’t help but start turning my wheels on how I could justify bringing this branch home. After all I really love trees and because our property doesn’t really have any I am always dreaming about having one or two towering trees to call my own. {wow I sound like a hippie tree hugging nerd} But anyways, after seeing these awesome starry twinkle lights and letting my mind wander I came up with a creation. Now just to go and claim my tree…..

copper_twinkle_lights_on_tree_2058I coaxed hubby along into helping me…


After all I needed some muscle to help fit this big ol’ branch


I was thinking we needed some more ambiance in our living room, these twinkle lights will be perfect for when we are watching a movie or simply want to leave a light on for guests….

But when I got home I seemed to have forgotten just how tall my living room is! I went back to collect the branches that my dear husband cut off only to zip tie back on….


Snip those zip ties

(you can cover them up or just leave them- you can’t seem them much when the light are on)


Wrapping wrapping and more wrapping….

I used a 72ft light plus a 30ft light and a smaller 5ft light (aka think about how much branch you will be covering when you order your lights)


Ahhh I love it!! Oh so fun, and you should see it when it’s dark!! So great!!

Thankfully my branch stays very well just propped up against the wall. But if you are concerned about the branch falling over or have kiddos who might knock it over I recommend a cute bucket/basket with rocks or something to “stab” the branch into for stabilizing it.


I think Lucy approves too 🙂

{to see how I made her bed click HERE}


Now whenever I have guests over I turn my branch on and it’s the perfect amount of light for the hallway to the bathroom.


Thanks for zestin!


p.s. aren’t these pics awesome?? Our new Zesty lady Jessica Helton captured them- stay tuned to learn more about her and her zesty passion!!