Coffee Filter Cinnamon Fall Flowers

This is a fun project for fall- involves coffee and cinnamon! You feelin me?? To make these coffee flowers you will need coffee filters, scissors, something to draw with, needle & thread, and cookie tray covered in foil. (oh and cinnamon and coffee-duh)

First draw some smaller petals on the filter, cut them out and start to create inner bud..

Next fold some of the filters so they are triangles that you will create outer part of flower…place them together to make cup 

Twist them and fold them to create….

Time to sew up the bottom! Start by bunching the flowers and arranging and then sewing tight knit “stem”….

Trim the petal down with scissors so its shorter inside flower, Voila- one flower down!

Here is another technique I tried to make another flower. Cut filter as seen above.

Now make one edge more narrow (this will be inside of the rose, that way it shorter….(see below) to create this shape twist the filter strip up…

Yay we made a rose! Also sew then end again just like the other….

Time to make some coffee, you wont need much so feel free to sip away too 🙂 heheDip flower in the coffee…it will get pretty soggy, then sprinkle with cinnamon…

After dipping in coffee and sprinkling with cinnamon, place flowers on cookie sheet covered with foil and bake at 250 degrees F for about 20 mins (check often)

Look how beautiful these came out! My mind is already coming up with all the ideas these flowers could be used for- flower centerpieces, on packages with ribbon, headbands, or even as a cute air freshener in car- yum cinnamon!

As always, thanks so much for zestin up your sunday- hope you are having a wonderful day!