Citrus & Kale Flatbread

Savouring Saturday

I personally do not have a beef with gluten. I am not really sure that it is the culprit that it is for so many. However, I do know that wheat has been a long term allergen for me and my fam bam.  It is essentially a grass and grasses and I generally do not mix. I was that kid who could never roll down a grassy hill without breaking into hives.  So, my mom, sister and I have been trying to steer clear of wheat since the 80’s.

Steering clear is actually not that difficult, but every now and then I get a hankering for something basic like a pizza. That is why I try to keep things like Udi’s Gluten Free pizza crust in the freezer. It is easy to grab and get creative!

For this light entree or hardy snack, I used Pasolivo’s Basil Olive Oil for the “sauce”.  If you have not discovered this little culinary gem, you will be delighted with the bright basil flavor accompanied by the charming bite of an excellent olive oil.

citrusy_kale_goat_cheese_flatbread_0002citrusy_kale_goat_cheese_flatbread_0003I then hen sprinkled my gluten free crusts with feta cheese and threw it into a 400 degree oven to crisp up. In the meantime, I finely shredded some fresh kale and dressed it with lemon juice and some more Basil olive oil.
citrusy_kale_goat_cheese_flatbread_0004citrusy_kale_goat_cheese_flatbread_0005citrusy_kale_goat_cheese_flatbread_0006citrusy_kale_goat_cheese_flatbread_0007The final layer of flavor, after topping the pizza with the dressed kale, was to add a simple drizzle of citrus aioli.  If this is a new sauce for you, here is the quick recipe:

1/4 cup mayo

zest of one lemon

juice of 1/2 a lemon

2 tsps Dijon mustard

2 garlic cloves, minced

Combine and season with salt & pepper


citrusy_kale_goat_cheese_flatbread_0009citrusy_kale_goat_cheese_flatbread_0010citrusy_kale_goat_cheese_flatbread_0011Mmmmmm so dang good! Fresh, bright and yummy!

Bon apetit!




Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton