Christmas Wrapping Ideas

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Today is the first day of December- whoop whoop!!! Warning, this post is not supposed to stress you out!! This post is purely to inspire and also give you crazies that are already done christmas shopping because you braved the Black Friday deals something to do while the rest of us peeps freak out over Christmas quickly approaching. (normally I would not allow a run on sentence but I felt the need in explaining this to you who might freak over the title- Christmas wrapping ideas)

Ehhmm now that we have that cleared up, ready to wrap some gifts?? I thought it would be fun to explore some new ideas to make your gifts EXTRA special this holiday. After all, I know we do judge a gift by it’s cover!!!

Supplies Inspiration: Take a walk and grab some greenery, stop by the dollar store or the thrift store, get inspired! Here is what I cam up with…..Scrapbook paper, greenery, doilies, burlap, clothespins, wood slices, chalk, chalk stickers, scrabble pieces, yarn, wrapping paper, newspaper, scrapbook paper

christmas wrapping ideas_0000

I will now take this time to make a disclaimer, I am not done with all my christmas shopping but do have a few done- check them out….

christmas wrapping ideas_0001christmas wrapping ideas_0000

An easy way to zest up a simple bag? Add some bling and a burlap tag! (The tag is reusable too- score)

christmas wrapping ideas_0013

Next I grabbed a bag of cranberries, some needle and thread and started making my own little wreath tag….

christmas wrapping ideas_0011christmas wrapping ideas_0012

I hot glued the rosemary on the card- voila!
christmas wrapping ideas_0015christmas wrapping ideas_0016

christmas wrapping ideas_0014

Next I snagged a cute box from the dollar store and wrapped some yarn….

christmas wrapping ideas_0002

Hot glue is your frieeeeennndddchristmas wrapping ideas_0003christmas wrapping ideas_0004christmas wrapping ideas_0005

This ideas was super simple, I grabbed one of my old cardboard birch boxes…christmas wrapping ideas_0006

Scored some chalkboard stickers from the dollar store and slapped one on to cover the logo…

christmas wrapping ideas_0007christmas wrapping ideas_0008christmas wrapping ideas_0009christmas wrapping ideas_0010


Loving it! Now just to create and shop for some more gifts!! Stay tuned while next week I show off some eco-friendly wrapping ideas.