Christmas tree message in a bottle ornament

Trendy Tuesday:

I am sure you have seen those clear ornament balls you can get at Wal Mart or Michaels or just about anywhere this holiday season. Well grab a box and come zest with me- I am SUPER excited about these little ornaments because they are the perfect mix of sentiment and practicality because they can double as decor and a gift! These also would be super fun to make with the kiddos! I grabbed some clear ornaments and then made a list of people I would want to make an ornament for. As I went down the list I thought about that person and what they liked. Now I won’t tell you who they are out of fear of them seeing this post- but here are a few themes for inspiration….the beach…bling bling…nature…and color! I collected some items to represent each of these themes and got to work….


Clear Ornaments




“extra” embellishments (feathers, pom pom balls, glitter, seashells, sand, etc etc)


First I grabbed some computer paper and cut a few strips and burned the top and bottom for that rustic aged look, as if the paper had traveled from far away 🙂

 (obviously this part is not for the kids- you can always leave the paper normal too)


Next I began to zest each ornament, starting with my beach inspired ornament I added my seashells.


I scribed a cute note that was a prayer or blessing for this person, it went a little something like this…

My Wish for your family…

May God grant you always

A sunbeam to warm you

A moonbeam to charm you

An angel to protect you

Laughter to cheer you

Faithful friends around you

And whenever you pray that heaven hears you!



I rolled up my little christmas blessing and tied some raffia on it to secure the note and then popped it into the clear ornament.


Now onto the other themes…feathers, glitter and pompoms -oh my!


I couldn’t resist but make one for my own little family as well. Rather than writing a prayer or blessing I decided to recap the year in a few bullet points (got a new dog, went camping in Yosemite, our brother and sister got married, etc) I thought it would be fun to do one every year to decorate the tree with memories (and we could even read them if we wanted over the years). This is where you could have your kids write goals, favorite memories or even draw pictures to make these ornaments little family momentos for the tree.


I and SO pleased with all my little “messages in bottles”- I can’t wait to deliver them!