Chores that Burn Calories

At the young age of 41, I am a big believer in eating well and being super active. It is so much more than “You are what you eat,” it’s seriously about “Use it or loose it.” You guys, these are cliches for a reason. As I age, I want my muscles, joints and bones to stay as strong and young as possible. It’s not always about wanting to look young, but about wanting to feel good. So, I am a total nut for hiking, yoga and my all-time fave, Zumba. What can I say…I like to shake!! Lol.
All good and great, but life gets busy, right? I personally have every intention to get my booty to the gym at least 3 times a week (I feel like a rockstar if I manage 4 times). In reality, it is waaayyyy to often that I find myself so stinkin’ bummed out on Sunday when I realize that I only made it once! The worst is when you wear your workout clothes because your intention is so strong, only to have the day hijack you by throwing too many curve balls to actually find time to workout. On days like that, I am super stoked on some advice I got from Shanna Ferrigno of Ferrigno FIT. The key? To not get discouraged or feel like I failed, but to look at things differently. My days may not go as planned, but they cannot defeat my intentions. Heck, even the chores that fill up the nooks n’ crannies of my day can make a difference for my health!

Here is a reason not to stress over the heaping pile of pots and pans in your kitchen sink. Scrubbing those grease stains will burn about 160 calories per half hour.

Scrubbing away at the dishes can burn an impressive 560 calories over a week if you spend 15 minutes doing it every night.

Wiping down your windows will burn about 250 calories per hour. The scrubbing motion will tone your back, shoulders and arms — just remember to switch arms halfway through, or you’ll only be exercising one side of your body.

Cleaning the floors for 30 minutes can burn 145 calories, which is equivalent to 15 minutes on the treadmill.

Vacuuming the carpet will help tone your arms and legs and burn calories, especially if your vacuum is heavy. An hour of vacuuming burns approximately 180 calories.

Giving your carpets a good clean can burn 90 calories in half an hour, which is the same as 15 minutes of kickboxing. Depending on the size of your house, vacuuming can get you nearer to the daily recommendation of 10,000 steps.

If ya stand for 20 minutes while folding laundry, you are going to burn 38 calories. Heck, if you go the distance and put ’em away, you can burn an additional 22 calories in 15 minutes!

i. Hate organizing? Don’t! Depending on how heavy stuff is, you could burn 100 calories in a jiff! Just remember to bend at the knees if you are doing any lifting…and remember to not get stressed out and overwhelmed. All the chaos may feel daunting, but at least you are burning some legit calories while getting stuff done!

Honestly, this is the kind of “workout” that makes me feel great. Crossing things off my list is my jam! It’s great to know that the chores that make my home and studio beautiful are helping to keep me fit when the gym is out of my reach.
Thanks Shanna! Muah!!!

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