Chocolate Peanut Butter Ritz Ice Cream Sandwiches

Minion Monday

Over here at Zest, we have decided to shake things up!  Typically today you would be reading an Mmmmonday, but we hate being boxed in, right?  So, we are introducing a couple new topics that should make Zest an even better read.  Well, at least we think so!  It will definitely make Monday more funk.  Keep a look out for us shaking things up with a couple of Minion Mondays and Meaningful Mondays….and whatever else “floats our boat!” 😉

What the heck am I talking about you say?  Well, here is the first.  Today’s post is Minion because it is a great way to play with foods with your minions!  What kid would ever turn down Ritz crackers loaded with peanut butter chocolate ice cream?  These cuties are not only the perfect portion of naughty for kids, but they will bring out your inner child even if there is no one of the 3 to 4 foot set around you!  Minion Monday?  Heck yes!

ice cream sandwiches_0000


ice cream (favorite flavor)

Ritz crackers


ice cream sandwiches_0001

The best part about this recipe is that it requires NO stove or oven time.  Just help your kiddos with the microwave to melt the chocolate.  You can keep things simple like we did here with a Hershey’s bar.  Or, you can grab some super yummy dark chocolate.

ice cream sandwiches_0002

Lay out the Ritz crackers, bottoms up.

Then, get ready to grab that chocolate from the microwave and scrap it into a baggie.  The kids will love what is coming next.

ice cream sandwiches_0003ice cream sandwiches_0004

Snip a hole in a corner of the baggie and let the kids “scribble” with the chocolate all over the Ritz crackers.

ice cream sandwiches_0005ice cream sandwiches_0006

The “scribbles” are beautiful, and they will give an awesome flavor/texture to your little ice cream sammies!

ice cream sandwiches_0007

You can let them set up at room temperature, or you can be as impatient as I am and load them into the fridge for a quick chill.

ice cream sandwiches_0008

Time for the ice cream.

You probably could not go wrong here….unless you let the kids pick out bubble gum ice cream or something.  Yuck!

ice cream sandwiches_0009

I used a small scoop to get the right size ball of ice cream for the Ritz crackers.  If this step is too frustrating for the kids, then go ahead and scoop out a bunch of scoops yourself and lay them out on a plate for them to grab and smoosh with the crackers.

ice cream sandwiches_0010

Place one scoop on half of your chocolate drizzled Ritz crackers.

ice cream sandwiches_0011ice cream sandwiches_0012ice cream sandwiches_0013

Now, simply top each scoop with another chocolate drizzled cracker.  Tiny ice cream sandwich heaven, coming right up!

ice cream sandwiches_0014


ice cream sandwiches_0015

The trick now is to stop eating these sweet and salty bites of paradise.  So good!

At least you can feel good about the kids creating in the kitchen with you…and that having two will not send them into a sugar coma! LOL