Chocolate Dipped Frozen Bananas

Trendy Tuesday

Hello zesty peeps!! We always love seeing what new wedding trends will pop up over the year- not only does it keep things exciting for us every weekend but we just love seeing how the personality of each couple comes through in little details. One being dessert 🙂 Some peeps love cake, while others will happily pass on it- especially wedding cake. You know what I am talking about? With that said we have seen so many couples get creative with dessert bars from donuts and ice cream to root beer floats- but you know what we would love to see one day? Frozen nanners!! That’s right, check out Hannah’s Bananas….

{pics from  Hannah’s Bananas}


Too cute right? And hey, a bit healthier too right? Wink wink

With that said today we are going to take our own stab at a chocolate dipped frozen banana bar…

chocolate dipped frozen bananas_0193


Bananas (pop them in the freezer, like right now!)

Chocolate (the darker the better- yum!)

Candy Thermometer


Toppings: coconut, sprinkles, nuts, peanut butter chips, m&m’s, seriously get creative!!

Start by peeling those bananas and popping them in the freezer for at least 4 to 5 hours. I cut my bananas in half and skewed them for easy eating and dipping.
chocolate dipped frozen bananas_0194

chocolate dipped frozen bananas_0195chocolate dipped frozen bananas_0196

Now it’s time to melt your chocolate, you can do that in the microwave or the double broiler. The key to glossy gorgeous chocolate is getting the perfect temperature. Start by heating chocolate and then adding handfuls of chopped up chocolate to the hot chocolate and stir until you get to 82 degrees F.

Time to dunk!!

chocolate dipped frozen bananas_0197

Now it’s time to roll…roll…roll…chocolate dipped frozen bananas_0198

Gorgeous! Time to eat!! This would be such a fun dessert bar for when you have guests over, kinda like a chocolate fondue night 🙂 chocolate dipped frozen bananas_0199

Definitely a kid approved recipe as well!

chocolate dipped frozen bananas_0200