Chocolate dipped figs with seasalt

Seasonal Sunday

In case you have not heard, it’s FIG SEASON!! Yayyyy!! Chanda and I were so excited…maybe a little too excited because you will see quite a few fig posts coming at ya. Sorry, I am not sorry.  I know that figs can be a make or break it for peeps. You either love them or hate them. For me it was an acquired taste…one that I have now grown to love. I love that you can get so creative with figs- make a sweeter or savory dish and you can’t go wrong! Today we are going for the sweeter route in hopes to get some of you that may not normally eat a fig to join the wagon.




Ziploc bag

Sea salt

chocolate and sea salt covered figs_0000

Simply slice your figs in half, melt your chocolate and then dip, dunk, and decorate with chocolate. Lastly sprinkle with some sea salt (trust me on this one).

chocolate and sea salt covered figs_0001chocolate and sea salt covered figs_0002