Ceramic & Sharpie Dog Bowl

Last week you got to meet the newest little member in our family, Maya! Well we quickly learned how much this pup loves her water!! She is constantly trying to pick up her water bowl in her mouth, swim with her little paws in her bowl, and even bite the hose!

black lab playing in hose water

With that Billy and I were a little tired of having water puddles all over the house from our little swimmer, so I was set out to replace her current water bowl.

So it wouldn’t be a “find and fix it” friday without finding a treasure at the faithful Goodwill Outlet. I scored this large ceramic bowl for $2 and was off to personalize it a little more.

Grab your supplies- that’s right, a paint pen sharpie! (you can get these special paint pen versions of sharpie at Michaels Craft store in tons of colors)

a white dog  bowl with a sharpie sitting in it

We all know that I am not much of a perfectionist, so with that I just went for it! (but you could stencil/use pencil before/etc.)

someone writing in sharpie on a white dog bow white dog bowl decorated in black sharpie with the name Maya written on it Gotta love a quickie fix like this!!

black lab drinking water out of a white bowl decorated with her name on it

Happy Maya Happy Momma right??