Celebrating & Recovering Door Knob Hangers

With summer comes gatherings and time with friends.  Whether you find yourself planning and enjoying vacations or fabulous staycations with your closest, you have gotta know when to tread lightly in the AM hours.  So, we decided to turn some old fence boards into some rather handy door knob hangers.  These cuties will help you stay friends, no matter who may have tied a few too many on the night before!!

door hangers_0000


old fence boards or old wood






puff paint

door hangers_0001

I hope it’s obvious!  There is no reason why you would have to drill such a huge hole into your fence board. In actual fact…this was a booger for us!  We originally thought, “Hey, let’s make it so that the actual board slips over the knob!”  It would have been cute, right?  Well, our wood pieces were not wide enough to support such a large hole.  So, we then did one where we cut out a channel that could just slip over the neck of the knob.  Creating a hook, if you will.  Genius concept, except for the fact that our design needed to flip over from one side to the other based on whether the occupants were “Recovering” or “Celebrating.”  Oh well, you will see that when in doubt, you just reach for the twine.  LOL

door hangers_0002

Yep, here is a pic of that genius moment where we created the channel.  Note: this worked perfectly if you are making a door hanger that is simply one sided.  For us, it created an issue with being able to shut the door if it was in the opposite direction.  Oh well….I honestly still loved how they turned out!

door hangers_0003

Next up, scribe your message on the hangers.  That’s the easy part!

door hangers_0015

If at this point you are scratching your head as to why we are making so many, rest assured we are not starting up a door hangar company!  It was for a rather large get-together that needed this special touch.

door hangers_0016

After glittering the bottom half of the door hangers, all that was left was for guests to decide how they were feeling.  Time to rage or time to snore??

door hangers_0004door hangers_0005

I love the simplicity of these hangers.  They show such a sweet hostessing touch for any guests visiting this summer…or for your bunkmates at your latest Airbnb vacation.

Happy summer!