CD Mosaic Bird Bath

Find & Fix it Friday

Okay so for those of you who might actually still have some old cd’s lying around- this is the perfect craft (assuming you no longer listen to them). And for you young in’s- go hit up a thrift store! We have been super excited to add onto our zest little garden. From new plantings and labels to garden art- the list keeps growing! I think one of the best parts about gardens are that anything really goes! After all, it’s supposed to be an adventure and show growth and creativity, right? So here is a little combo or creativity mixed with recycling too!


Larger plant saucer

Old Cd’s or Dvd’s

Canvas bag (optional)


Hard as Nails Glue (waterproof)


Popsicle stick and rag

You can get creative with stand, I used a plant stand

CD bird bath_0000

Start by breaking your Cd’s into smaller pieces. Now keep in mind these little pieces are not only sharp but they like to fly everywhere the minute you snap them in half. So to fix these problems I simply placed my Cd’s in a canvas bag and broke them up inside. Sometimes it was a bit more difficult or the pieces would be larger so I grabbed some scissors and snipped them into smaller more unique shapes.

CD bird bath_0001

I probably broke up at lest ten cd’s or so to get some good solid pieces to choose from.

CD bird bath_0002

Next I made sure to wipe down my saucer surface of any dust or debris. CD bird bath_0003

I applied a thin layer go glue big enough for a section to work on in 5 minutes or so. You don’t want your glue to start drying on you while you find the perfect pieces to create patterns. Baby steps!

CD bird bath_0004

Keep in mind when you are lying out your pieces that some sides are shiny and others are more iridescent depending on the side of the cd.

CD bird bath_0005

After I complete my entire saucer I let the glue cure for at least 48hrs before grouting.

CD bird bath_0006

Next I mixed my basic grout that I bought from the hardware store and used a popsicle stick to scrape on amounts to fill in the gaps.

bird bath_0001

DISCLAIMER: After applying my grout and letting it sit I began to wipe away the light film that appeared over the cd’s but I noticed it was also wiping away some of the shine on the cd’s- such a bummer!! So with that said I began to wipe very lightly and preserve the shine a bit but I wish there was a way to save it more!

bird bath_0000bird bath_0002

All in all I am SUPER excited about the completed project!

I put the saucer on an old wire plant stand I had but you could get creative with the stand too!



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  1. Can you tell me how it will hold up in a few days of 32 degree weathers in Florida. It really isn’t cold many days so I’m thinking it will not hurt it .

    1. Hi Ellen!
      It holds up great! Our winters dive down to 28F for 70% of our season, and we have not had any problems. Give it a try for sure! And send us a pic, we’d love to see it!!

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  3. Did you use only cds? The blue pieces look like cds, but the copper color didn’t look like cds I’ve seen. Was there a difference?

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      Hi Rebecca! Yes I only used CD’s- some of them ended up looking clear once the blue layer was removed so what you are seeing in the pic is the terra cotta coming through and looking copper 🙂

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  6. Love it! Great idea. Perhaps a spray coat or two of clear sealant before grouting would preserve the shine of the CDs.

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