Cardamom Spiced Eggshell Coffee

Savouring Saturday

I don’t know about where you live, but it is a wet and drippy Saturday morning here on the Central Coast.  I am so happy that California is getting the rain FINALLY!

Personally, I am a bit of a lizard…I love basking in the sun and soaking up the vitamin D.  However, a moody morning like this is kind of sweet.  I just want to cozy up with the kids, watch some cartoons and savour a seriously good cup of coffee.  No running out for a latte!  Instead, I like to bust out this simply delicious cardamom coffee.  It’s smooth with the perfect bit of warm spice that puts cinnamon to shame!
eggshell coffee_0000Cardamom Coffee 

4 scoops of French roast coffee grounds

2-3 cardamom pods

1 cup of whole milk

1-2 eggshells (optional)

honey (optional)

makes 8 cups

eggshell coffee_0001In a heavy bottomed pot, add your milk and cardamom seeds.  If you are going to warm up 1 cup of milk, then use 2-3 cardamom pods.  Using a knife or your fingernails, split open the pods and dump the seeds out into the milk.
eggshell coffee_0002While the milk gently warms on the stove, the cardamom seeds will begin to release their flavor and aroma.  The kitchen is going to smell so good.

Now, brew a nice strong cup of coffee!  I simply use a drip pot….you can go for espresso if you want, but I like simple for a Saturday morning.  Call me lazy! 🙂eggshell coffee_0003I usually do 4 scoops of French roast to 8 cups of coffee.  Now for the weird part.  Have you ever tried eggshells in your coffee?  eggshell coffee_0004It is something that goes wayyyyyy back.  It’s traditional in cowboy coffee, New Orleans, and Scandinavia.  Some use the whole egg, to give the coffee clarity (and in cowboy coffee, to catch the grounds).  I prefer to use just the shells.  It could be the calcium or the porous nature of the shells, but they help remove the bitterness in coffee.  So, you wind up with one smooth cup of coffee!  How adventurous do you feel?eggshell coffee_0005Now, simply place your filter full of grounds and shells into your drip machine and brew as usual.  Honestly, this works perfectly with a pour over and a press, as well.  Whatever floats your boat!!

Now that the milk is warm, pour it straight into your cup or a coffee pot.

eggshell coffee_0007Add your eggshell coffee.
eggshell coffee_0006I personally love the taste of honey with the cardamom milk.  If you like a little sweet, put the honey in your cup first.  This first step keeps you from needing a stirring spoon!  As you pour over the hot coffee, the honey melts and mixes into the coffee.
eggshell coffee_0008eggshell coffee_0009eggshell coffee_0010

One perfect cup of coffee!  Time to snuggle up and let those raindrops come!

Happy Saturday!!!