Cake Stands made from Vintage plates, candle sticks, and wine glasses!

Chanda and I got Zestin on these stands this week, yep you guessed it- another project for the bridal fair this upcoming weekend- pretty exciting!!! We will be serving our appetizers on these stands and even have some cute ones to raffle away with a round of brie and Juil’s homemade cranberry sauce-yummmm- be there!  But you certainly dont have to be attending a bridal fair to make and use these great cake stands, these would be so cute at any party or event! Start collecting those vintage plates from thrift stores and garage sales!

What you need:

  • Plates (assortment of sizes works best: small, medium, large)
  • Epoxy (get the kind that is SLOW drying, sets in 60 mins so you have time to alter)
  • Qtip
  • Paper plate or some disposable cup to put epoxy in
  • Candle stick holders, small shot glasses, wine glasses, teacup (you choose the look!)
  • Door knob (glass ones are super cute!)
  • Ruler (optional to measure center of plate)

First decide on the order, how tall will you make it? Make sure the piece can stand by itself even without glue. Next combine the epoxy and swab it with Qtip, outline edge of candlestick/cup. Center the piece on bottom of plate in middle. Now add knob on top and let dry- we let ours set for 24hrs. Hard as a rock and ready to serve!

DONT USE GORILLA GLUE, it expands and is messy 🙂 blahhh

Thanks for zesting– cant wait to show you these suckers in action next week!