Brown Easter Egg Inspiration

Easter is less than a week away- crazy times! I can’t believe how quickly these past few weeks have flown by, if your life has been on fast forward like mine that means you probably have not even thought twice about Easter baskets, let alone decorating eggs! Well no fear, here is a SUPER easy easter egg decorating idea that I think is equally as fun as dying (maybe even more fun since the patterns you can create are so unique) but also WAYYYYyyy less messy!! All you need are some hard boiled brown eggs and some sharpie paint pens, I suggest getting the variety pack so you have a few different pen tips to play with.

Now it’s time to zen out and doodle! From florals to patterns and words, really anything goes!! A few quick tips for ya- I would make sure you have some scrap paper nearby to test how “juicy” that pen ink is. Sometimes it will get runny if there is too much ink in it. If this happens, no fear just have a moist paper towel nearby to rub the excess ink off. I also would suggest keeping the egg carton nearby to let the eggs dry elevated. I worked on one side of an egg, let it dry on the carton for a minute or two and then finished the other side of the egg to ensure I didn’t smear the ink.

Ahh SO easy and yet so fun, I love the natural look of the eggs!!

Speaking of natural, if you want to learn how to naturally dye easter eggs using household items like coffee, herbs and veggies- check out Fridays blog post coming soon!!

Happy doodling friends!