Braided Leather Pacifier Leash

So when Ryker was born, I admittedly went a little crazy with some major crafting fever.  I bounced from crochet hook, to knitting needles, to watercolors, and glue gun.  I couldn’t help myself!  The little guy was just so cute, and Auntie Panda was just way too eager to create one-of-a-kinds for him and his mama.  I love making things with my own two hands on a pretty regular basis, but there is something so amazingly awesome about making something for someone else….especially when that someone is tiny, cute, and full of award-winning smiles!  Have I made him blankets? Yes.  Have I made him toys? Yes. Have I made him teethers? Heck yes.  Now, it is time for a pacy leash. Duh.

This little project is so quick to make, that you may find yourself including one in absolutely every baby shower gift you give, and possibly in every car/diaper bag/drawer you own!


leather lace

leather swatch

one metal clip

cotton string

yarn needle


Cut three pieces of leather lace to be 36 inches long.

Taking one piece, fold it in half to form a loop at the top.  Now, take the other two leather pieces and tie they around the loop in a simple knot.

Dividing up the leather laces, simply braid them until you reach the ends.  You can make this even easier by temporarily clipping the loop to a stationary object if you want.

Once you reach the ends, tie it off with a simple knot, leaving the first folded leather lace ends dangling.

Grabbing your metal clip, slide it onto one of the leather lace ends and secure it by another simple knot.

Using scissors, trim the ends.  No worries, we are going to cover those unsightly leather knots in a jiffy!

Using a swatch of leather cut into a rectangle, slip it through the end of the metal clip and fold it over the front and back side of those knots.  Then secure it in place with a yarn needle and some cotton string.  I used a simple whip stitch on the sides of the folded rectangular leather swatch to keep it in place.

Now it’s ready to use!  Clip it to your bundle-of-joy’s onesie and then use the loop end to attach a pacifier.  Yay for no pacies dropping to the floor!

Oh my gosh, time is flying!  Here is an “old” photo of Ry using the pacy leash only a few weeks old!  Hard to believe that he is now 6 months old, sitting up, and starting on solid foods!  Holy heck, time flies! And now….

It’s holding up 👍🏻

Happy crafting, and spoiling the little buggers in your life!