Bourbon Pumpkin Milkshake- oh my!

Savoring Saturday

Growing up with three brothers meant I was constantly feeding them when momma wasn’t around. From chicken skewers to burritos and such (very gourmet- I know, Bahaha) But what I was most “known” for were my milkshakes. From peach to chocolate peanut butter, yep one might say my milkshake brought all the boys to the yard. Tee hee. Today we are going to zest up an “adult” milkshake that is fall inspired and completely calorie free.

(ehhhmmm just tell yourself that to make yourself feel better).

Ready to get started?




Vanilla Ice Cream


Pumpkin puree

bourbon pumpkin milkshake_0000

First scoop about four scoops of ice cream into blender…bourbon pumpkin milkshake_0001

Next one teaspoon cinnamon….bourbon pumpkin milkshake_0002

Then one cup milk, you can add more as needed if you want it to be more runny…bourbon pumpkin milkshake_0003bourbon pumpkin milkshake_0004

Next 1/4 cup pumpkin puree…bourbon pumpkin milkshake_0005

And the favorite secret very important ingredient, one shot bourbon….bourbon pumpkin milkshake_0006

Vroom Vroom…bourbon pumpkin milkshake_0007

And if that isn’t heaven I don’t know what is!!bourbon pumpkin milkshake_0008

This was a much needed dessert today!!bourbon pumpkin milkshake_0009