Boho Rewoven Salvaged Patio Chair

I am BIG on giving things a second life.  I guess there is a part of me that hates to think of things piling up high in our landfills, forlorn and slowly decomposing.  I don’t want to harp of an eco-responsibility platform at all.  I just like to think that with a little creativity and know-how, I can slow the pace down.

Obviously, these chairs were destined for the dump.  They were more than a little janky!  Trying to sit in them could actually hurt a person’s backside lol.  But, on closer examination, I realized that the bamboo frame was still nice and sturdy.  With a sturdy frame, I knew I could let my creativity play.  After a short trip to Ace Hardware, I had a game-plan and I was off!!

reapolstered chair_0000





Spar Varnish

3 50ft packs of 3/4″ Nylon rope/cording in any color


matches or lighter

reapolstered chair_0001

Not gonna lie, this was a messy job and had a tendency to heighten my frustration unless I took a few breaks (aka put it to bed and come back to it another day….heck, I wasn’t in any rush!)

reapolstered chair_0002

The first step is to examine your chair.  Where are things attached and how are they attached?  At first, I just hacked away at the crumbling weave with pliers and wire cutters.  I was on a mission and not willing to slow down.  Hahaha, stupid move!  After some annoyance with hacking and pulling apart, I discovered that with the removal of a couple of screws, the whole back simply pulled away from the sturdy frame.  Live and learn!  At least I figured it out before I started the second chair.

reapolstered chair_0003The seat genuinely needed some cutting of the weave and removal of about a MILLION upholstery staples!  Gah!

reapolstered chair_0007reapolstered chair_0008reapolstered chair_0009

reapolstered chair_0012

Don’t forget to give the frame a good rub down with sandpaper.  I wanted the old, peeling finish to be gone, so that I could safely recoat it with Spar Varnish (my favorite finish for outdoor furniture cuz it holds up to the weather and UV rays).

reapolstered chair_0010

Once all the weave is removed and the Spar Varnish has dried, it is time to get to weaving!  I wore gloves for this job, for sure!  After handling the rope and giving good tugs, your hands will be feeling that rope burn!  So, glove up!!

reapolstered chair_0017

reapolstered chair_0013

After securing a sturdy knot, I looped the cording over and through using the top bar and bottom bar of the frame’s back support.

reapolstered chair_0014

My first plan was to do a horizontal weave through all these linear lines, but I liked the look so much that I left it.  Instead, I saved the traditional weave for the chair’s seat.

reapolstered chair_0015reapolstered chair_0016

Once you have secured the backrest by tying it off and tucking in the cording, start on the seat.  I first created the vertical lines for the seat.
reapolstered chair_0018

Sidebar here: When you tie off nylon cord and cut it, it wants to unwind fast.  Simply fix that by lighting a match and burning the ends so that they melt together and form almost a glue.  Problem solved!

reapolstered chair_0019

Now time to start the horizontal weave.

reapolstered chair_0020

Securing the cording to the frame, then simply begin weaving the cord in and out of the vertical lines.  This is a GREAT project to do while watching a movie.  It takes time and a movie may help keep your mind off the repetitive work you are doing….or maybe that is your jam!

reapolstered chair_0021reapolstered chair_0022

When all was said and done, and all the knots have been secured and burned, I was a very happy girl.

re done woven chair_0000re done woven chair_0001

Two chairs saved from the trash heap!  And so much cheery color and playful texture.  Sooo purdy!

Cheers to getting crafty!